Here we provide many links and articles for new endurance riders, great books, plus information for everyone about our organization and other trail riding sites.


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For information about our association, awards criteria, putting on rides, and more:

  • Handbook 2017 – awards criteria, Endurance Trial (formerly LD) rules, bylaws, putting on rides, etc.
  • AERC Limited Distance Rules – Competition/Rules & Regs – see pg 12 of Rulebook (for use when AERC sanctions a limited distance ride in BC)

Educational Links:

Your First Ride by Elaine Bessuille

Great articles by well-known endurance rider Karen Chaton
Susan Garlinghouse, DVM, MSc, Equine Nutrition and Research articles on Karen Chaton’s site
The Long Rider’s Guild– The world’s first international association of equestrian explorers
Dr. Beth Valentine, Vet Pathologist: Virtual Vet. Questions and Answers
Lecture by Corey Hart (Video) Your pathway for equine education! The place for kids to learn about horses!

AERC Educational Videos Instructive videos for horse camping, vet checks, and crew bags, with more promised!



New Book for advanced riders by Dennis Summers (2012):


“Ten Feet Tall, Still” by Julie Suhr:

An inspiring book of personal challenges written by one of our foremost endurance riders out of California. At 75 she is still doing endurance. Started at age 40 or so doing the Tevis. Has over 20 Tevis completions beaten only by her daughter Barbara Smith. Available at Marinera Publishing, Scotts Valley CA 95066 or AMAZON – follow the link above.

New in 2012: . . . but it wasn’t the horse’s fault — a rambling catchall by Julie Suhr available at Marinera Publishing

Leonard Leisens’ European perspective:


More helpful articles:

PDF Format:

About Entering a Ride Muscle Disease (PSSM) The Right Kind of Horse?
About Long Distance Riding New to Endurance The Pit Crew
Arabians in the Olympics Over-Conditioning Vet Check – What Vets Look For
Arriving at the Ride Site Painless Riding Walk it Off… Or Not?
Best Condition Scoring Preparing for Competition What to Take on a Ride
Competitive Trail PNER 2004 Seminar Tendon & Ligament Injuries
Endurance Strategies 101 PSSM Diet  
Feeding the Endurance Horse Ride and Tie  
Horsemanship Trail Etiquette