ERABC Youth and Juniors Program

ERABC proudly supports a Youth and Juniors program. Youth are young riders aged 18 years and under. Within this category, Junior riders are 16 years and under that must ride with an adult sponsor (21+ years) in endurance events.

Every year at the AGM, the top junior riders are recognized and receive awards for high point and mileage achievements.

Older youth riders are eligible to compete in national and international events.

Endurance Canada also has a Youth program, with lots of information on how to become involved HERE.

Endurance Canada National Youth Committee

  • Our mission: To Promote the sport of Endurance riding to young riders and to Provide them with education and support.
  • Promotion: Get young people interested in Endurance and maintain their interest.
  • Education:  Have resources available for young riders and easily accessible.
  • Support: Provide a place for young riders to voice their opinions.  Help juniors find sponsors for races.  Provide information on international youth competitions and help create teams to compete
Horse Council of BC recognizes High School Students with an awards program where rewards are based on participation and not on results… MORE INFORMATION HERE.

Young Riders FEI Championship – Kentucky 2009

A heartfelt thanks and congratulations to our Canadian athletes, their horses and support crews from all your fans here in Canada. We appreciate the huge commitment it takes to get a horse and an athlete to a competition of this magnitude.

Cudos to these young ladies for their personal commitment to the sport, their determination to finish the ride (and finish well), and their caring, sportsmanlike conduct throughout the competition. You have represented Canada superbly, and we are so proud of you!!

Well done!!

Ruth Carlson
Chair of the FEI Endurance Committee
July 25, 2009