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  Membership in ERABC

ERABC Membership Form is available for the current year up until the last ride of the year.
Our new database system allows you to manage your own information!

  • You have the option to pay with Paypal or by cheque.
  • Memberships are from Jan 1 – Dec 31.
  • New members are always welcome — please join us!
  • Horse Council BC membership is mandatory for insurance reasons and must be submitted to HCBC separately.
  • Current members can edit their own contact information on the Membership Site



Note: Return here or to the Membership site to log in to your personal membership page to edit or view your account information.

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 Rides Outside of BC

 Have you done some rides outside of BC?

  • ERABC Members Form for Reporting Out-of-Province rides only Excel worksheet or PDF form.
  • Must be emailed to mailto: info prior to Oct 31 each year to count for the current year awards, or can be sent later to update cumulative mileage.


 Ride Entry Forms

 Ride entry forms are listed with each ride on the Events Page.

Members Funding Application & Expense Form

Funding is mainly for FEI/International riders. See the Members Only page. RMs and Others: To claim for reimbursement for club expenditures use this FORM

 For Ride Managers

ERABC’s support to Ride Managers of ERABC Rides is as follows:  The policies are shown in the current ERABC Handbook (found under the Education tab). Basically ERABC sponsors club rides to the extent that RMs are not burdened with a loss if they incur one. A pre-ride budget that aims to break even or make money is mandatory (see form below).


Ride Equipment

Ride Equipment List

Rock Creek 08 0211


Ride Day





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