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Young Riders FEI Championship – Kentucky

A heartfelt thanks and congratulations to our Canadian athletes, their horses and support crews from all your fans here in Canada. We appreciate the huge commitment it takes to get a horse and an athlete to a competition of this magnitude.

Cudos to these young ladies for their personal commitment to the sport, their determination to finish the ride (and finish well), and their caring, sportsmanlike conduct throughout the competition. You have represented Canada superbly, and we are so proud of you!!

Well done!!

Ruth Carlson
Chair of the FEI Endurance Committee
July 25, 2009

Young Riders Championship Ride – Kentucky

From Gail J – BC riders Ariel McLeod and Kate Coady

1st 25 miles front runners in about 844 and first place horse (Kirstin). Pulled metabolic. Way too fast for conditions. Our canucks came in at 9:05 faster than planned but looked good and recovered right away ate/drank.

Slowing down next loop to around 7 mph. Word is that US west and US east are going to battle each other… They make up the 9 or so front runners. Our guys left 11 12 13th place. Should be in to the 40 mile mark around noon…

4:40 pm — All out on last loop 10 more miles. Attrition all over the place. Getting really exciting! Everyone is getting the Canadian buzz! Gail…

7 pm — Canada rocks! All FEI completed, placings: Apache and Kate 9th, Lee and Jazz 10th (Ontario), and Ariel and Rosie 11th! Rosie and Jazz got their FEI 2 star and both Apache and Lee presenting for BC! We are sooo proud of our girls! BC 7 am so we are busy!


The youth are done, asleep. We are enjoying a glass of wine and reflecting. Wonderful connection with Lee and Colette, very intentional and open to team concept. The girls so got it. Lots of great stories. Again the whole team concept proves itself. Not to forget our Mexican teammates. They both finished and were our anchor!  The Mex and Canucks were checking in on each other all day! We plan to get together tomorrow to celebrate some more! Gail & Elroy


Ticket Raffle

The Ticket Raffle for a 3 day vacation at Idabel Lake Resort (benefit for International Riders) was won by Kari Tierney – Congratulations!

International Fundraising

International Fundraising initiative POSTER provides info about a must attend event on July 10th for all who would like to help our international riders do their best for us!

ERABC International Committee

ERABC International Committee have started a new fundraising initiative to help BC endurance riders reach their international riding goals. A big event is planned, and they need your support! Read all about it HERE 


A TICKET RAFFLE is underway to raise funds for International Riders. The prize is a 3 day vacation in a private cabin at Idabel Lake Resort, 40 minutes south of Kelowna. Tickets are $2 each. The draw will be held at the Rainbow ride site on July 5th. Contact Gail Jewell to buy tickets or to help sell them!

International Riding

Report on a recent meeting with Daphne Richard, Julius Bloomfield, Toni B, Murray and Bianca Mackenzie, Elroy Karius and Gail Jewell in attendance. See the proposed recommendations regarding International riding HERE.


Wendy just called, they are on there last loop. All the horses look good. We will finish a team. Bob is riding with the King of Malaysia, he has for the last 2 loops. When I say him, I thought the King was one loop ahead, but he was not. Boy, won’t Bob have a story to tell. Do you think he will call it “The King and I”? Congratulations to all our Horses, Riders, Pit Crew support staff, Kay, Maura and the Vets for making this dream come true. Our Team Did It. We are so proud of all of you. Endurance is truely a fantastic sport, and we are so lucky to be a part of it. All you need is a dream, and you could be the next riders on your way to Kentucy in 2010, and we will be hear to cheer you on. We are so proud of our Canadians.

Ken and Lynda Townsend

Kay said they were the only ones to finish with 4 riders.
Pretty darn good, I’d say.
Boy are we proud.