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Site Migration

ERABC is in the process of migrating all of our content over to the site where we have previously done ride entries and memberships. This will put everything all in one place. The current site will be re-directed later in the year, but for now all of our new content including ride entries and results will be at the Wild Apricot site:

Check out the NEW website!

Tentative 2017 Ride Schedule

More details will follow for each event – watch the Events page:

April 29, 30 Helldiver Ride, Courtenay 2-Day 25/50

May 20, 21, 22 Titanium 3-Day Run Pioneer Ride Fort St John 50/75/100 – FEI, AERC, EC

June 3 High Sage, Cache Creek 12/22/50 Miles

July 1 Merritt Mountain Magic 25/50/75

July 22 Timber Ridge, Lumby 11/25/50

August 5, 6, 7 Titanium 3-Day Run II Fort St. John 12/25/50/75/100 – FEI, AERC, EC

August 12 Chase Creek Cattle Company Ride 12/25/50

August 26 Cowichan Valley Rail Trail, Duncan, Endurance 12/25/50 Miles, Ctr Level 1 & 2

September 2, 3 Last Chance Mountain, Westbank 2 Day 12/25/50/2-Day 100

Other dates in September for any potential RMs out there!

Note: Cariboo Plateau endurance ride will not be offered this year. CTR only, check BCCTR website.

Market Page News

The Market page for selling horses, tack, vehicles and other related endurance stuff has been removed from this website. To give users more control over what is posted as well as give the web manager a break(!), you can post horses and other items on our Facebook group page at


ERABC AGM – 2015

Just a heads up that the ERABC AGM is planned for Saturday November 21 in Kelowna.

We have a very special guest speaker (and accomplished rider) lined up that you won’t want to miss:

Dennis Summers, author of “4th Gear – Power up your Endurance Horse”!

2015 AGM Schedule & Info

Annual General Meeting

This year’s AGM was held in Surrey at the Holiday Inn. I have to say it was probably one of the best attended meetings held in the lower mainland, and overall it was a productive and well-organized event. The atmosphere was so positive, so many people stepped up, good ideas flowed, and we have several new faces on the BOD. It was a nice start to have 25 or so of us gather at Fraser Downs Racetrack for a buffet dinner and a bit of wagering on Friday night!

AGM Saturday, some great ideas: For example, one of the cool ideas that came out was that rides from now on will hold “Meet and Greets” before ride briefings. There was much concern that new riders needed encouragement, advice, and a venue to get to know others that have been in the sport for a while. Likewise, the M&Gs will help the more experienced riders to find out who the new folks are, and make connections to mentor, or just to encourage more inclusive “camp gatherings”, giving help where needed. The M&Gs will be in addition to the ‘green bandanas’ that Elaine already sponsored for new riders, and it looks like we’ll also have another colour bandana (maybe purple) to identify those that would like to be mentors and will indicate they are open to conversations with the green beans. All of this is about encouraging new people, making them feel more welcome, and wanting to stay involved, ultimately getting them hooked on our fantastic sport!

Other items of business included a review of membership costs (slight increase coming), our financials (profits this year!), ride dates (full ride schedule, see below), sanctioning (dual EC/AERC), by-law revisions will be coming early next year, revised/new Sport Development Fund (split between education, international rides and trails). Stephany kindly offered to hold her popular Endurance 101 clinic again, thank you Stephany (also our new club secretary!).

AGM 2014 Monty

Monty Jones accepting Rookie of the Year award

Awards were presented mid-day during a luncheon; big thank you to Bianca for compiling the awards. Congratulations to all winners, including our awesome ride managers (have you hugged a RM lately?), very special volunteer (everywhere man Derek Sylvester), amazing Good Samaritans who reminded us all what a great group of people we have in this club (rescuers of Tara: Lori, Nicola, Joanne, Colleen&Brad), Family Shawnee & Darian Venables, Rookie of the Yr Monty Jones, Top 10 including grand champion senior rider terre O’Brennan & Koszaar, Top 3 Junior including #1 Grace Logie & Chyna Bey, high mileage wonder horse Madison’s Montana and partner Terrie Laporte (1185 miles this year alone!!), Partners Award winners Murray & Ransom, Overall BC Horse – my beloved Paladin, LD rider Jennifer Szezepaniak making the Top 10 (first ever LD only rider to accomplish this) & High LD mileage; plus we gave out many cumulative mileage badge achievements – congrats everyone. Full year end award results will be posted on the website.

2015 Tentative ride dates:

May 16, 17, 18 – Fort St. John/Titanium multi-day and multi distance

May 30 – Ocean Vista, Vancouver Is

June 6 – High Sage, Cache Ck

June 27 – Rainbow Revisited, Merritt

July 18 – Timber Ridge, Lumby

Aug 8 – Cariboo/108 mi – CTR & endurance combined

Aug 22 – Skimikin Lake (maybe incl. 75)

Sept 5, 6, 7 – Fort St. John/Titanium #2

Sept 12 – Last Chance at Telemark/Kelowna (maybe incl. 75) – no championship this year, probably alternate years – lots of time to qualify.

The following are our executive and directors for 2015:

President (Kelowna) Murray Mackenzie
Vice President (Lillooet) June Melhuish
Secretary (Pritchard) Stephany Dean
Treasurer (Chilliwack) Lynn Wallden
Director (Kamloops/Chase) Lori Bewza
Director (Yarrow) Elaine Bessuille
Director (Delta) Terre O’Brennan
Director (Naramata) Fiona Logie (new)
Director (Vernon) Brenda Miskimmin
Director (100 Mile House) Nicola Maughn (new)
Director (70 Mile House) Joanne Macaluso (new)
Director (Vancouver) Brittany Linnett (new)
Director (Vancouver Is., Parksville) Nancy Gourlay (new)

Murray continues to be a super-keen president with lots of ideas, Lynn such a competent treasurer, and June the ultimate diplomatic VP; and we are excited to have the new folks on the BOD. The website has been updated with contact information for the BOD, will soon have the 2015 ride list, AGM minutes and financials. Stay tuned for a great year all you endurance riders!

AGM Socializing – November 21/14

Twenty-five of us went to Fraser Downs in Cloverdale the night before the AGM. We had seats by a front window in the Homestretch Buffet and enjoyed a nice meal and a bit of wagering! Here is some of the group photographed with the 10th race winner. Good times!

10th Race winner
10th Race winner

2014 BC Endurance Championship – photo gallery online

The BC Endurance Championships took place on September 13 on the Telemark Nordic Trails in Kelowna. Murray Mackenzie and Daphne Richard put on a great ride!! Read more, and see photos of the winners HERE, including a link to the beautiful images of everyone taken by Kerri-Jo Stewart-Photographer.

Direct link to the full Endurance Championships 2014 Gallery

2014 Ride Season Update!


 TITANIUM was a great success – thank you, Tara, family and friends!

 Now on to HIGH SAGE!  Good luck everyone! Thank you, June and Scott!!   

 Thought we’d better remind you about qualifying for the first-ever BC ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS, September 13th, 2014, at the Telemark Nordic Club venue in West Kelowna! AERC and EC c0-sanction will be provided.

You need to know:

Qualification Criteria (for both Senior and Junior Divisions):

All entrants must be ERABC members.

All equines must be a minimum of 6 years old.

25 Miles (40km)

Horses and riders, not necessarily in combination, must have 200 miles of successful

completion in sanctioned endurance or LD rides of any distance prior to 2014.

Horse must not have done a ride of 50 mile (80 km) or more in 2014 or 2013.

Horse and rider in combination must have completed TWO ERABC LD rides in 2014.

50 Miles (80km)

Horses and riders, not necessarily in combination, must have 200 miles of successful

completion in sanctioned endurance rides of any distance prior to 2014.

Rider and Horse in combination must have completed a minimum of at least TWO rides of 50

miles or more in 2014.

Rider and horse, in combination, must have ridden in the top FIFTEEN in at least ONE ERABC

ride in 2014 or 2013.

75 Miles (120km) (Championship only)

Horses and riders, not necessarily in combination, must have 300 miles of successful

completion in sanctioned endurance rides of any distance prior to 2014.

Rider and Horse, in combination, must have completed a minimum of TWO rides of 50 miles or

more during 2014, including at least one completion in the Top Ten.

  (Please note that there will be an Open Competition held concurrently with the Championshipin the 25 and 50 mile distances – same times, same distances, same trails. All distances will include Senior and Junior divisions. ‘Sanctioned’ competitions are those sanctioned by Equine Canada, AERC,ERABC or provincial equivalent.)

 We hope EVERYONE will participate in the Championship – as a competitor, as a crew member, as a volunteer, or as an ‘observer’! 

 Thank you!  Murray and Daphne (Co-managers, BC Endurance Championships)

Important – ERABC Sanctioning 2014

UPDATE (May 2014): Through an agreement between Endurance Canada and AERC, some rides will be co-sanctioned this year. This information supersedes the information posted below, although EC sanctioned 50+mi rides will still require Sport Licences. Refer to each ride under the Events tab as the ride season progresses for specific information about sanctioning.


The ERABC official Ride schedule for 2014 has just been updated and posted on (note: a few rides are still ‘tentative’).  13 Rides are scheduled!  And a BC Championship will be held for the first time!!

After much discussion of the pros and cons, the majority of Ride Managers in BC have chosen to sanction rides 50 miles and up solely with Endurance Canada/Equine Canada* in 2014 – not AERC.  Limited distance rides (up to 35 miles) will be sanctioned with ERABC only. This decision in no way implies that ERABC, or its members, are ‘against’ AERC but, rather, we are ‘for’ Endurance in BC/Canada.  We want to grow our sport at home, and to do so we must keep more dollars at home; in the current economic climate and with our currency worth less, we simply can’t afford to send thousands of dollars south of the border.

ERABC is in pursuit of some BIG sponsors – who are helping us to dream BIG; they too want us to keep their dollars at home.

What this will mean to YOU, the rider:

You WILL NOT require an AERC membership ($100+); there will be NO AERC “day fee” ($15 per ride) when you enter a ride.  However, if you are already an AERC member your miles will be credited to your AERC lifetime record in March or April of 2015 as a “block”.  At this time, points will not be counted by AERC, and EC sanctioned rides will not count toward AERC year end awards.  (Please know that Endurance Canada will continue to pursue full reciprocity with AERC to honour those of us who wish to retain those memberships and respective benefits.)

You WILL require a Bronze Sport License from Equine Canada to compete in the 50+ mile competitions:
(to join;,
to renew:
This will cost $25 for the year and will entitle you to compete in any Equine Canada sanctioned Bronze competition (not just Endurance).  You must be a member of HCBC in order to purchase a Sport License (you must be a member of HCBC to take out an ERABC membership – for insurance purposes). Limited Distance riders do not require a Sport Licence.

At the time of purchase of your Sport License you will be given the option of joining Endurance Canada ($25 Senior/$5 Junior).   If you choose to do so, points and miles for distances of 50 miles and up will be accrued for yourself and your horse that will count toward Endurance Canada year end awards.  Endurance Canada offers awards in two categories: Rides in Canada only (Canadians vs Canadians) and ‘Overall Rides’–total of Rides completed anywhere in the world.  There is a ‘form’ for registering your horse; the first horse is no charge, subsequent horses are $15 each.  Endurance Canada will be importing everyone’s “historical mileage” (from all Endurance Rides, anywhere) into its database in 2014.

For Limited Distance rides (35 mi or less), ERABC will continue to track your points and miles, as usual.

ERABC hopes that YOU will join us in looking forward to a very bright and fun-filled future!  Help us to make Endurance in BC the very best it can be!


Summary – Fees:

AERC Membership: $100+ (no longer required)

AERC Non-member Day Fee: $15 (PER RIDE) (no longer applicable)

Equine Canada Bronze Sport License: $25 (ONE TIME ANNUAL FEE) (Required for 50+ mile competitions)

HCBC Membership: $55 Senior, $43 Junior (necessary when purchasing a Sport License and/or an ERABC membership)


(*Endurance Canada – our National Sport Organization for Endurance – is a committee of Equine Canada; Equine Canada is our National Federation for all equine disciplines.)


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Murray Mackenzie

ERABC President

A Great Canadian Endurance Horse Joins his Canine Buddy in Greener Pastures…

A “forever” team has lost a great warrior. Apache Eclypse  has been laid to rest on Gail and Elroy’s property this week.

They also lost their great dog Skyla only a few days before. We offer our sympathy and hope the happy memories remain to ease the pain.